Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?


The invasive trend of social media has taken over the marketing techniques of the companies. The old school banners and hoardings for publicity aren’t the best options anymore. Instagram is thus one such social media app which has taken over the hearts of people.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is basically a platform for the social media users to upload their pictures and videos. Also, they get to watch the same of others from across the world. So it helps them to join a community of millions of users where they can watch and share whatever they feel like.

So, when we talk about the role and importance Instagram plays in the marketing or promotion of brands, websites, and companies, it has surely added more creativity and attractiveness to the motive.

It helps you to grow the popularity of your products and brands. Also, you can easily expand your reach to a wider variety of audience. People of different age groups, different style preferences, different taste and so on, can explore your profile to understand and find something of your choice.

How Does It Work?

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?Using Instagram is no rocket science. All that is required to be done is signing up on the app and creating an account. Then you are good to go. You can add followers and follow people in order to expand your reach.

Also you can make people aware of what you have in store to show them and impress them with.

Marketing on Instagram is beneficial in its own way. People using it usually explore for something new and interesting. Thus, if you are displaying your products in a way that can attract attention, it is quite obvious that you might automatically have people following you and the things you’ll post.

Many Instagram users are shoppers too. For example, people using Instagram tend to follow various brands and known outlets. This allows them to know about the latest updates regarding that particular brand or outlet sitting anywhere at any time. Therefore, if you post details of your website and products on your page, your followers will view it and know about it.

Essentials To Have A Good Reach Of Your Website Page On Instagram:

Mentioned below are nine tips, following which would help you to make your Instagram page more popular:

1. Findable Username:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?It is extremely necessary that you keep your profile name direct and easy so that it can be found without much struggle. It actually plays a vital role in determining the popularity of your website page. Avoid using any kind of special characters or underscores.

2. Use the Popularity:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?

Instagram is used by millions of people and has become a must-have social media app over time. Thus, make use of this feature and spread your wings wide.

3. Simple and Informative Bio:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?

Make sure similar to your username, keep your bio very precise and informative. No extra creativity is required to be added as it might confuse the follower a bit. Be to the point and write something attractive, as well as, impressive.

4. Hashtags:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?

Instagram users are well aware of the use of hashtags in the posts. So using hashtags would help users reach your post easily. You can even drive campaigns using hashtags.

5. Visualize Your Location:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?It is important for your Instagram page to display your location. Not only the permanent location, various places you visit and post pictures from should have the location. This allow the users to view your pictures of the particular location together.

6. Priority:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?Your priority should be the publicity and recognition of your page and not hardcore selling only. It is necessary for the visitors on your Instagram page to feel involved and engaged.

7. Attractive:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?Make the look of your account very appealing and attractive. Show some creativity by coordinating with the colors or just doing something different. Only then people would actually like and open your page again and again.

8. Publicity:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?

Make use of other social media applications to promote your Instagram page and increase its publicity. You can post links to your profile on Facebook, Twitter etc. to direct people to your Instagram page.

9. Follow the Trends:

Website Promotion with Instagram: Is it a Key to Success?

Keep your eyes and mind open for following the various trends. Add newness to your work by following the things being liked by people.


If you want to know more about website promotion with Instagram, read this article. 

Website Promotion with Instagram: Main Reasons

These 5 reasons will tell you why using Instagram for website promotion can prove to be a beneficial step for your business:

1. Wide Reach:

Promoting your website using Instagram allows you to connect with people of different areas, interests, and sections. You get exposure to a wide audience across various countries of the entire world. With a number of available marketing tools online, you can enhance the functioning of your Instagram account.

2. Less Hard-work:

Posting pictures and videos on Instagram for promotional purposes would hardly involve any time. It would be a cheap and effective way of reaching people. You no longer have to write long contents or strategize the advertisement techniques while using Instagram promotions.

3. Attracting Traffic to Engage Them in Your Posts:

Various studies have proved this fact that audience is more engaging than any other social media application. So people tend to visit again and again and get engaged in the uploaded pictures by your profile.

4. User-Generated Content:

The content generated by the users on Instagram might be very popular and trendy. Thus, with their permission, you can easily repost their content with your profile to follow the trend or to publicize.

5. Customers:

Instagram users usually hunt down the pages facilitating amazing and unique products for purchase. Variety of products can be seen through the posted pictures on the page and thus you might receive many customer requests for purchases.


Till now, you must have understood that using Instagram is a smart and modern way of website promotion. Also it can help your business a lot in development and marketing as well. Following and understanding the above-mentioned tips would allow you to make the best use of this boon in your business.

If you want to use other social networks, this article about Faceboook advertising will be useful for you.

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