Does Smartlink Really Make a Link “Smarter”?

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Smartlink is a traffic monetization option affiliate programs provide to their users. This means that a webmaster gets a single link to all CPA offers. In addition, the system algorithm automatically selects offers by some parameters. It is really convenient for any website owner.

A user of smartlink affiliate program can offer more relevant campaigns to his audience, and increase his EPC.

Sounds good?
As always, it’s not that simple. Let’s find out.

1. Smartlink saves your time

W’ve asked some users of a mobile oriented smartlink affiliate network Affilight.

Webmaster, gaming website owner

I’ve got traffic of several categories from a number of countries. As a rule affiliate programs have their specializations. So I need to split traffic flows by orders, it’s not convenient. In smartlink programs all traffic becomes valuable. Every visitor has an unique content, and I get income globally.

No doubt that one of the strongest points about smartlink is it’s simplicity. Its time-saving feature means there is no need to search for offers etc. Everything is ready, just put the link to your website and start earning.


Webmaster, blogs owner

I work with smartlink ’cause it simply saves my time. I needn’t to search for campaigns and so on. It allows me to focus on other things.

2. Smartlink can increase webmaster income, but not for sure

As you can guess, every affiliate network aims to optimize its working processes to be more profitable. Helping user optimize his campaigns is an everyday process performed by a support team. According to some stats, such kind of optimization can change user’s performance indicators. In most cases it gives up to 20% more revenue.

Webmaster, blogs owner

Comparing to other affiliate programs/networks my income is equal. But smartlink is much more convenient for me as it offers the ready solution.

If you want to increase your income in another way, this article will be interesting for you.

3. Controlling capabilities are limited

You can ask: Ok, it saves my time and increases my income, but how can I control what campaigns are shown to my visitors? And you’re right, your control opportunities are very restricted. So you need to choose a trusted affiliate network.

Webmaster, entertainment website owner

Using a smartlink you always risk to get a “bad” offer or inappropriate ad. Test your network and be in touch with the support.

Webmaster, entertainment website owner

Do not place any promotional codes to the main domain (if it’s a download site). Distribute files from a different domain and place advertising code (popup, banners) in the same place. And if you haven’t got the second domain, then put ads only on landing pages, not on all pages. And even if any network claims that “our codes don’t lead to pessimization” – do not believe. Sooner or later, it will appear a “black advertiser” or Google’s new algorithm.

4. Smartlink algorithms are stable

The algorithms can be optimized, can involve various sets of parameters and so on. However generally they do their main function quite well: they select the most relevant offers for your audience. Also the algorithms can implement such options like deep targeting, remarketing etc. Automatically, effectively, 24/7!

Talking about the performance there are some important things we cannot pass by.

We asked users to give some tips how to increase performance.

5. Tips from users

Webmaster, entertainment website owner

If you use direct link or banner, it is better to place them as close to the top as possible. It’s a simple logic, because user usually clicks the first advertisement he sees. As a result: the more clicks the more conversions etc. To increase you can attract users by using tempting phrases. Especially relevant to make experiments with settings. For example: test double pop-up, design of website pages etc.

Webmaster, gaming website owner

The code is integrated to a banner button. It containing call to action. Take a notice, to avoid ad blocking the button is made up in the page, not drawn.

Webmaster, musical website owner

First of all, any site sooner or later will move from “enthusiasm” stage to “earnings” stage. But profit shouldn’t grow due to increasing quantity of promotional materials. It should due to increasing traffic volumes. So optimization, seo audit and competitor analysis is a must. And it should be a non-stop process. In addition to earnings you need to choose the right affiliate network. And preferably the one that provides configuration (API) for the ads caused by scripts (code).

Automation saves time, allows to avoid routine, makes lives more productive. It’s even more important in a digital world.

We really recommend you at least to try smartlink. Moreover, you can test in with our partner network:

In conclusion we want to wish you great earnings online and good luck!

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