Banner Creation and Integration Guide

Banner is a small graphic ad block that can come in different formats – static, animated, or video. It usually contains a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website, which can be visited by clicking on the image. Ad Placement Creation Before creating an ad placement, you need to register as a webmaster. You can register on Affilight’s …

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How to Get Statistics by API

Are you looking for an efficient way to work with statistics for your ad campaigns? Third-party tools can come in handy, especially for analytics, notifications, or data transfer to a third party without granting access to your personal account. With Affilight’s API, you can easily access your campaign statistics, including information about earnings, clicks, impressions, …

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Directlink: Advanced Ways of Substituting the Page Title into the Variable q

The q parameter must be added to the code for a site. Through keyword substitution, you can dynamically pass values in the q parameter. Let’s use JavaScript as an example. This will read the values <title> tag and the title meta tag. To substitute keywords in a directink, place JavaScript before the closing </head> tag. …

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Updated tutorials

Hello! There have been many updates to our platform. First of all, we took care of your convenience. Setting up advertising inventory and integrating it into your site has become easier. We removed unnecessary settings and added new functionality. Check our instructions and see for yourself. We’ve got a lot more in store for you …

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Paid traffic for website


We strongly recommend you to choose a payment method and provide all the necessary information before you launch a campaign. It will take only a few minutes! Note: You can only set the payment method once during registration. If you desire to change your payment method at a later time, reach out to your designated …

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referral program

Affilight’s referral program

What is Affilight’s referral program? Affilight’s referral program is simple: you become our partner, attract other publishers, and earn an income. Now, let’s take a closer look at how it works: You attract other publishers to become Affilight’s partners. Referrals (other publishers) work and earn income. Affilight pays a bonus to you – 5% of referrals …

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Directlink with PHP Integration

Directlink domains may occasionally become blocked by ad blockers or similar tools. To prevent this, the domains are updated periodically to ensure they remain accessible. One way to automatically access the most current domain is through PHP integration. Using a direct link requires manual updates if the domain becomes blocked, which can be time-consuming. To …

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