Mobile is the New Black: Importance of Mobile Traffic

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Do you remember India’s $3,60 smartphone, a gadget that is cheaper than your cup of coffee?

There is no surprise that a huge number of people use smartphones to access their favorite content, so mobile traffic is valuable. Smartphones are competitively cheaper than any other gadgets with access to the internet. At Affilight we believe it is high time to optimize sites and advertising strategy to meet mobile demands.

We highlight 5 main points that any webmaster should keep in mind:

1) Make your site as light as air: mobile traffic is too expensive

Mobile traffic is still costly in many countries. So users don’t want to spend their money on sites with dozens of banners. They appreciate a clean and simple design that will work with any gadget even an old one and not ‘smart’ enough.

If you want to make money on mobile traffic, this topic may be interesting for you.

2) Mobile world is very dynamic

You will spend hours and days if try to optimize your campaigns manually. One should be an expert to achieve success in ad management. So it is much better to use smart links to promote ads. In other words, it is an adaptive learning system that collects data and determines the best offers according to a previous user experience.

3) Mobile users are ‘mobile’

They can get access to their favorite resources almost from anywhere. For this reason, it is better to choose affiliate network with the advanced targeting system. They track users geo, device, vendor, provider, etc. It allows to increase conversion rates and show only relevant promo.

4) Your device may know about your private life even more than your girl/boyfriend

So when you offer to your users to download an app or visit a promo link, you must be sure that it safe. But as it was said previously there are too many offers to monitor by yourself.

5) And finally, it is important to find a user-friendly network

Nobody wants to spend hours to find out how it works; or how to go from a dashboard to payment details without visiting dozens of other useless pages in your account. If you want to work with mobile web make sure that you choose a network that specializes in it, but not a jack-of-all-trades.

5 main points

These 5 tips are just a few lessons that we learned at Affilight. For these reasons, we offer our publishers only ads that were initially designed for mobile web and smart link that automatically improves ad performance according to received stat data. That is an easy to use tool.

First of all, publisher does not need to choose and test offers, it is automatic. Then users will get only relevant and accurately targeted ads. And the most important thing we pay attention to is security. All offers are reviewed by our team. Firstly they are tested automatically to exclude a chance of any malware. Secondly, they pass manual checks to make sure that ads do not affect user experience. We constantly study different cases and happy to share our experience with publishers and advertisers.

We also provide app developers a simple and prompt way to integrate our SDK to their apps.

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