People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?

The Internet has drastically changed the marketing strategy of a business. Today, the website is considered as one of the strongest marketing strategies to promote one’s brand and engaging more and more customers. If you wonder why people leave websites fast, we are ready to tell you.

A website works on the principle of pull and should have enough in it to be able to get visitors to visit. But how do you tell visitors about your website? You rely on the search engines. A customer looking for a particular product or service is likely to first search for it on the internet. And if your website comes high up on the SERP, then it increases the likelihood of a visitor being pulled to your website.

But it isn’t enough to get visitors to your website, though. If your website is not ‘sticky’ enough, it will have a high bounce rate, and those visitors who have ‘bounced’ off your website after their first visit will not contribute in any way to your overall digital marketing strategy. More than 24% of websites created every month have a bounce rate higher than 60% after 3 months. It might sound harsh, but it is true that if your website is one of that 24 %, then all effort has been completely wasted.

Let’s check out some common reasons why a people leave websites from the landing page without spending a lot of time and without navigating to other pages of the website.

Why People Leave Websites and How Can You Fix It?


People Leave Websites fastIt is essential to keep the visitor’s attention to your website otherwise you are going to lose them. So, it is very important to know the reason why people leave websites and how to rectify the problem.

Let’s check out some common reasons and their solutions:

1. Slow Webpage Loading:

People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?It is one of the most common reasons due to which people leave a webpage. If your webpage takes too long time to load, then visitors are not going to wait for it.

It has been observed that 40 percent of visitor leaves a website when it does not load within 20 seconds. A faster-accessing webpage will always have an added advantage of having better SEO ranking.

Solution: It is generally seen that websites become slow to load due to the use of heavy images. If you ignore using the old image formats and prefer to use new formats such as WebP, Jpeg XR, etc, then it can reduce 20-50 percent of the weight of the website, which will automatically increase the page load time.
You can check your webpage speed on the Page Speed Insight Tool developed by Google.

2. Content Not Appealing:

People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?Another obvious reason for leaving a website is lack of appealing content. If the content is not informative, impressive and readable then the visitor will not stay longer on your website.

And the most important thing is the flow of the content. The flow of the content helps the readers to surf your content smoothly.

Solution: There are some techniques to write excellent content which you should follow to attract and keep the visitor engaged on your website. Write the content in paragraphs that should not consist more than four to five sentences. Apart from that you should make subheading and break up the content into sections for better readability. In addition, you should use bulleted points or use a numbered list in the content wherever possible. You can also make the keywords and phrases bold or italic so that it can be recognized easily.

If you want to know where you can find good copywriters for your website, this article will be useful.

3. Layout Not Impressive:

People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?

A website is also judged by its layout and cover design. Even if you have excellent content, people will leave your website if you do not have good web design.

An impressive web design gives a feeling to the audience that your website will also have an excellent content.

Solution: It is very important to update your website regularly with new designs and templates so that the website traffic does not get bored with your website. Changing template, layout, background color and other web designing features also makes an impression in the mind of the visitor that you are making an effort on your website to make their life easier.

4. Not Adding Enough Internal Links:

People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?

One of the most contributing factors for huge bounce rate is that the reader does not find enough content options on the website.

Solution: Add as many internal links as possible to your website. Keep the hyperlink in such a way that readers easily find it. This will help your visitor to visit some other related pages or topics on your website which they may like. This will also help in resolving the bounce rate issue with your website.

5. Not Adding an Introductory Video:

People Leave WebsitesIt is seen that the website which has a video on the home page have better website traffic. This is because audience generally prefers to watch a video than to read the content. Video can increase reader engagement on your website.

It can be a great way to increase the showcase of any product or service.

Solution: Add a short introductory video on your webpage and provide the people what they like or want. You can make a short video on the related topic and can load it on your website. It will certainly engage the visitors to your website.

6. Not Keeping the Font and Colors Consistent:


People Leave my Website fast: What I Do Wrong?Apart from the content, design, and looks, the formatting also plays an important role in keeping the visitors engaged on your website. That is why layout, logos, font style, and color should be consistent on all the web pages of your website.

Solution: Make sure that you use same color and font style in the code of the HTML while creating the website and placing the content on it. Because if you use different color and font style it may hurt the eyes of your reader and they may not find it suitable to stay longer on your website.

The above-mentioned reasons are some vital factors for which people leave websites. But keeping the visitor stick to your website is very crucial and so you should first find out whether your website has any of the above-mentioned issues and if it has then you should follow the solution provided above. This will ensure a lot of new visitors on your website and certainly enhance visit-to-lead conversion.

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