Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find Them

fantastic copywriters

Have you ever wondered what fantastic copywriters are in today’s modern digital time? Is he a guy who understands SEO enough?

Attracting and convincing people online is a tough job. There is so much everywhere and to grab the eyeball on one particular thing needs a lot of talent along with hard work. A good copywriter has the power to grab attention, develop interest and convert into sales. All the secret lies in the words. On the internet, it all depends on the content. However, this level of writing cannot be achieved by everyone. Because of this, you need a pro who has a flair for words

How to Find Fantastic Copywriters?

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find Them

If you want to sell your product, you need to find such a copywriter and then hold on to him/her tightly. People will remember your brand too for generations like Old Spice and Cadbury. But for that, you need to find a mind-blowing writer first. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Clear Your Priorities:

The first thing you need to do is figure out what exactly do you want your copywriter to do? Copywriters are like doctors. They have specialities. Some are good at blog posts, some are good at ad content, some are fantastic at email writing, and so on. So, if you know what exactly you need, it will help you narrow down your search. Though all of them can do everything related to content writing, their forte is not everything. You need to tap into their best skills and see if that suits your needs. List your priorities so that the copywriter also understands what needs to be done.

2. Decide on the Type of Work You Want:

You don’t need the world’s best copywriter for every writing gig you have. You need to decide first what kind of work you have and what level of skill set is required. If you have occasional copywriting work, then you can consider hiring a freelancer or someone on a project basis. For stuff like press releases, you don’t need the expensive writer. But if you are confident that you work inflow is constant and you will need the writer almost every day, then it is better if you search for someone to be on your team permanently.

3. No Need for an SEO Pro Every Time:

A writer should have knowledge of SEO, yes, but don’t go for a hard-core SEO writer. You need someone who understands the importance of keywords but concentrates solely on content. So you just have to hand a list of keywords to your copywriter and tell him/her to keep them in mind. Give them creative freedom and then be surprised by the quality of piece that comes out. Let them produce an incredible copy instead of keyword stuffed write-up.

4. Data Analysis:

Don’t ask the writer what he/she knows about ROI or conversion rate or such things. A writer’s job is to write, not analyze. If you want an excellent copywriter who knows the job best, then set your expectations towards writing and not statistics. Be realistic!

5. Ask for the Past Work Done:

When you interview a copywriter ask for the past work they have done for the clients. Look at what they have written and what effect their material has made on the client’s company. That will help you decide if the writer is good for you or not. If the work of the writer has changed the scenario for the company and made their brand even more powerful, then that is the type of person you need.

6. Take a Small Test:

In an interview, ask the copywriter to write something targeted to the work you want to be done. It is surprising so many people don’t understand this! If you want to hire someone for writing emails, don’t ask the writer to write product descriptions in the interview. Ask them to write an email to your intended target audience, product, brand or company. Test the skills you need on a permanent basis. After that, also give them feedback on their writing to test if they are able to accept constructive criticism or not. It helps understand the writer’s attitude.

Where Can You Find and Hire Fantastic Copywriters?

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find ThemNow that you know how to hire the best copywriter for yourself, you must be asking yourself that where will you find one? I have an answer to that too!


As I said before, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in writing business. You need to hire according to your needs. Similarly, the platforms where you can do that also depend on your needs.

There are actually three categories of copywriters:

  1. A Newbie – Entry Level Copywriter
  2. Less-Experienced – Intermediate Level Copywriter
  3. Expensive and Great – Expert Level Copywriter

Let us explore about these in details.

A) Cheap and Freelancing – Intermediate Level Copywriter:

There are a lot of copywriters who work at dirt cheap prices but then obviously the quality will not be great. It is not necessary that it will be bad, it can be good. But don’t expect anything spectacular at a low price.

B) A Newbie – Entry Level Copywriter:

This is a slower process but you can take up someone who has a flair for writing but is just starting out in the business. Look for people who like to write blogs, short stories, reviews and such things on the internet. Facebook pages and groups can also help. Employ someone and then train him/her according to your requirements.

C) Expensive and Great – Expert Level Copywriter:

If you want a decent piece of copywriting and are ready to pay the price then go for an excellent, experienced and talented copywriter with a good lot of industry experience. Be prepared that such a person comes at a huge price. But every penny will be worth paying. Such writers could be contacted via websites like If you like reading, you can also read the material online and when you come across something – blog, article etc. that catches your attention and is a perfect fit for you; you can contact the writer. If the writer already has a business, he/she will most probably come at a very high price. But if the writing appeals to you and you think this is it, try to bring him/her in.

You can easily find fantastic copywriters on many online marketplaces. Some of the highly preferred sites are:

1. Fiverr:

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find ThemFiverr is a platform for employers who want a freelance copywriter at a cost as cheap as $5 for a project/article. The freelancers post their area of work and samples which you can scout and select the best one according to your needs

2. Upwork:

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find ThemUpwork is one of the top online marketplaces to hire fantastic copywriters and is very secure and safe platform for hiring freelancers. You can browse the profile, analyse the past work done, chat with the freelancer and even clear invoices through the site.

3. Freelancer:

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find is the most common place to find a fairly cheap freelance content writer. You can post your project, the freelancers will bid their prices with their proposal and you can select the one you like.

4. ContentMart:

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find ThemThis website is a dedicated place for finding multi-lingual content writers. You can select a copywriter from four different categories – Standard, Experienced, Verified, and Hand Picked. Of course, the better category of writer you will hire, the more you will have to pay them.

5. Constant-Content:

Fantastic Copywriters and Where to Find ThemConstant-content is a platform where you can hire fantastic copywriters with impeccable writing skills. The website accepts only those writers who have the highest quality of work. So you won’t find any cheap and mediocre work here. One 500 word article could cost you $50 but you will get the best content from here.


There are many fantastic copywriters who have their personal websites. You can always go through their bio and portfolio and decide from there. Hope you get the words you want!

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