July Monthly digest (Top Articles from Affilight)

July monthly digest

Do you doubt whether you need traffic or not? Or not sure which landing page builder is better to choose? We are ready to discuss these questions! Also you can find below a list of better SEO training courses (with the links) and benefits of programmatic advertising. Read the July monthly digest to get this information!

July Monthly Digest: Our Top-4 Articles


  1. SEO Training Courses and SEO Certifications in 2018

We made for you a selection of the best SEO Training Courses and SEO Certifications in 2018. If you are looking to manage a website then you need to get a proper SEO course. Read our article and find the right one for yourself.

2. Programmatic Advertising: What Advertiser Should Know About It?

Buying and selling of advertising space on a digital platform have been a manual exercise so far. This was a static method, with no guarantee that the visitor to that website would find an ad worthwhile. That led to the advent of programmatic advertising. Do you want to know about benefits of programmatic advertising and possible risks?

3. The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018

If you are running a paid advertising campaign, you have two options. You can choose to direct visitors to your website, or you can direct them to a standalone single page. We call this kind of page a landing page, and if you want one, you can use one of several landing page builders available.

4. Paid Traffic for Your Website: Is It Really Worth It?

Do you want to buy paid traffic for your website? Nowadays, many digital marketers have an suggestion. They recommend going for paid traffic for your website. But is it worth it?  Read our pros and cons in order to make a decision.

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