The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018

If you are running a paid advertising campaign, you have two options. You can choose to direct visitors to your website, or you can direct them to a standalone single page. This page would cater to the outcomes of the campaign only. We call this kind of page a landing page, and if you want one, you can use one of several landing page builders available.

We sifted through the chaff and brought out the 5 best landing page builders in 2018, so you can choose from the best. Let’s check them out!

1. Unbounce

Landing page buildersWhen you speak to people in the industry, this is the first name that they suggest. This great loyalty enjoyed by Unbounce is not without reason. The single focus of Unbounce offerings is to help you improve conversion. They do this with the help of sticky bars, pop-ups, and customizable triggers.

Your landing page created by Unbounce can cater to many campaigns. This is very useful if you are not sure what exactly works, and are trying several campaigns at once. You can either build the landing page yourself, or you can use any of the prebuilt templates of Unbounce. The drag and drop functionality of one of this landing page builders is right up there among the very best.


Starting at $79 per month with annual billing


• A/B testing options best-in-class
• Useful convertibles like popups and sticky bars
• More than 125 predesigned templates
• Mobile Responsive outputs
• Flexibility


• Costlier than other builders
• Only good for page builders with experience

2. Leadpages

The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018This is a landing page builder that offers you many value additions. You could use their landing page for several purposes. It could help you launch your next product or invite and register people for a webinar. You could create a mailing list or even carry out actual sales of your product.

Also the landing page you build with Lead pages could offer financial transactions to visitors. That way, they would not need to navigate to another page if they want to buy. Lead pages allow you to synchronize Facebook advertisements with other marketing elements. You can use their A/B testing module before launch, to check which option works best for you. You will find their drag-and-drop feature very user-friendly as well.


Starting at $25 per month with annual billing


• Analytics available
• A/B Testing feature available for quality testing
• Very affordable prices
• Value adds apart from landing page building capabilities


• Some features are available only on payment
• Templates not the best for customization
• Quality Testing available only in costlier packages

3. Instapage

The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018Instapage provides seamless integration of your landing page with your overall strategy. The high degree of personalization offered is one of the attractions of Instapage. You can choose to use any of the 200 and more templates to start from. Later you can personalize as per your requirements.

If you are part of a team that is building the landing page, then this would be the best choice for you. Collaborative workflows are one of the unique features of Instapage. You also get the complete quality testing module in this package. This comes with several analytical tools. It is easy to use Instapage to integrate the other optimizations onto your landing page.


Starting $69 per month with annual billing


• Powerful analytics tools
• High speed of landing page creation
• The drag-and-drop feature is very useful
• Even beginners can use it comfortably


• Flexibility is lower than other competitors
• Popups and sticky bars not available
• The costlier packages need to be taken to enjoy all features

4. Landingi

The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018We love this landing page builder for several reasons. You wouldn’t need any programming skills to build your Landingi landing page. But that shouldn’t lead you to believe that this is a very basic tool. It has scores of advanced analytical tools.


These tools will help you understand the flow of traffic and manage the generated leads.

A single landing page will let you run multiple marketing campaigns. You can manage them from a single control point. Your landing page can also cater to multiple domains. If you are not up to creating and managing your landing page, you can have it done by the Landingi team as well.


$29 per month with annual billing


• Multiple users, domains, and campaigns can use the landing page
• Good Analytics tools available
• Automation is also possible
• Good support from Landingi team
• The editor is robust and user-friendly


• The basic package does have some features absent
• Quality testing only possible with costlier packages

5. Lander

The 5 Best Landing Page Builders in 2018This landing page builder will please you with its prices. This is especially true if you are starting off your company or if you are a small business. The lower entry prices are attractive if you are new to digital marketing. But you might get only as much value as the money you pay.

The packages are as per the expected traffic. This allows you to upgrade packages only when your campaigns start picking up steam. If you or your team has enough coding skills then you will like this package. The reason is it gives you the opportunity to personalize the code of their templates.


$16 per month with annual billing


• Quality Testing A/B tools are part of the standard package
• Landing Page available for Facebook as well
• Free trials for all three available packages
• Packages are priced according to expected traffic
• Competitively priced


• You will find better quality editors on other builders
• All features that experts need might not be available
• Customization of templates could have been better

Conclusion: Five Best Landing Page Builders

Digital Marketing cannot survive only on a static webpage today. The landing page builders listed above can help you design effective landing pages. These pages will help your paid marketing campaigns. You can choose the package most suitable for you, based on your specific situation. That would depend on your budget, manpower and the features you need.

Don’t forget also to optimize you new landing page for higher conversion rates!

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