How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

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People spend more time online today than reading newspapers or watching television. That’s why video advertising on the internet has gained huge popularity amongst professionals. An advertising video would also compete with all the individual video blogs. It is very important that the video maker gets his video right on the money. Only then will he get the intended results.

To make things easy to understand, I have divided the 10 important tips into two different parts. The first five tips are important to take care of before making a quality advertising video, while the next five tips are important to take care of during making  an advertising video.

Five Important Tips to Take Care of Before Making a Quality Advertising Video

Let us discuss the five things you should ask yourself before making a video:

1. Who Is My Audience?

Advertising videoYour video could be for financial planning for retirees. Or it could be for single women above 40. Your video could be for audiences in the US, or it could be relevant for an Asian audience.

It is very difficult to make a video that would appeal to everyone who sees it. That is why you need to be sure of what segment of internet users you want to target.

2. What Is My Message?

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 TipsSome producers make ads to disseminate information. Others aim to sell a product. There are videos that only target to sign up participants for a cause. There are other videos which only seek to highlight a great achievement.

If you are clear about your messaging, then the scripting of the video becomes much easier.

3. What Outcome Do I Seek?

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

A video advertisement allows immediate two-way interaction. That is why it is important that you are sure of what kind of interaction you are seeking. Would you like the viewer to share your video? Or comment on it?


Would you want your viewer to dial a toll-free number after watching the video? Or it could be that you have made the video to encourage the viewer to take part in a survey. Be sure of the engagement you seek, and spell it out during or at the end of the video.

4. How Much Is My Budget?

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 TipsThe internet has indeed helped the process of making a video become much cheaper. That’s why it is well within the reach of everyone. But if you do have some budget which you can spend it judiciously on locations or equipment.

5. What Skills Do I Possess?

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 TipsOnce you know your budget, you also need to make an assessment of human resources. You must ask yourself that what video producing skills your team and you have.


If you need to hire some professionals, then you need to go back to your budget to see if you can afford them.

Five Important Tips to Take Care of While Making a Quality Advertising Video

Once you have thought the above-mentioned things through, you are ready to begin the making of your video. Let us see the next five things you should keep in mind from here on.

1. Mind The Length:

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

The internet is pretty forgiving, and doesn’t apply any limits to the length of the video you post. Many advertisers make lengthy videos telling a story that leads up to the final message.


While that works in certain circumstances, yet you shouldn’t take the viewer for granted. A couple of minutes are the most important that your video should need to be able to tell its story. Most internet users do not have an attention span of more than a couple of minutes anyway.

2. Use the Length:

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

We did say that you can keep the video as long as you want. Then we also said that it’s safer to limit it to a couple of minutes.


But the fact of the matter is that the first few seconds of your video are vital. They will decide if the viewer watches till the end or closes the window immediately. You need to make sure you start your video off in an attractive way. That will help attract the viewer and keep him glued for what is to come next.

3. Script Is Important:

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

A video is a largely visual medium. So the moving images that the viewer sees will guide the advertisement, for sure. But the voiceover (or the text on the screen) should be very clear and precise, so that it doesn’t confuse the viewer.

If spoken too fast, the viewer might miss the message. If spoken in a singsong voice, the viewer might get bored and mentally switch off. The voiceover and text must use as little of technical stuff as possible. You can use jargon only if you need to explain the product benefits.

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4. Inject Humor:

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 TipsAny video works well if it can make the viewer laugh, or at least chuckle. The message gets retained for longer.


If done well, then the joke itself becomes the hook for the video and people remember it better. But this has a negative side as well. Not all video producers or scriptwriters have the knack for humor. If your video is one such, then the whole venture will fall flat on its face. People will remember the sad joke more than the product features. So think twice before doing it, and once you have decided to do it, and then do it well.

5. Use CTA:

How to Make a Quality Advertising Video: 10 Tips

An online video advertisement is different from videos in other mediums. This is because it allows interaction with the viewer.

The viewer can respond immediately to the video. This is not possible in videos in other mediums. You should take advantage of this and include a call-to-action (CTA) somewhere in the video. This will help you achieve the outcome you were looking for. Also, it will act as immediate feedback for the effectiveness (or lack of it) of your video. If that happens, you can take corrective action.


The internet has democratized the world of marketing. Anyone with a story to tell can make a video and post it for the world to see. And a good number of them would actually be of good quality and hold viewer attention. That makes the work of professional video producers that much more difficult. They need to compete not only against their own kind but also against skilled amateurs. We hope the above tips would help.


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