Monetize Android App: How to earn on it?

Monetize Android App

Are you still wondering how to make money on the Internet?

The answer is literally in your hands.

Do you know that most of people get access to the Internet via their mobile devices? There is no surprise that the mobile market is the best place where anyone can get a piece of a pie.

Read this guide and learn how to monetize Android app even without any special skills – just by publishing Android apps.

Monetize Android App

Most of people have Android devices, the market is really huge. In total there are about 3 billion users in the world and the number is growing. All of these people use apps. However, Google play might be not the best option to find something new. People still face restrictions because of their device or geographical position. For this reason a lot of people publish free apps outside the Play store.

People are searching for apps and download them from various groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and specialized apk stores. I guess you want to ask: “how to monetize Android app?”
The answer is straight forward – advertising. They integrate ads into these apps.

In case you have mp3 sites, this article will be extremely useful for you.

Integrate ads into your files

There are advertising networks that give tools to integrate their SDK to Android apps. To put it very simple, SDK is an advertising code. It allows to show ads like in your favorite apps: video, banners, fullscreens and so on.
I will describe this method using the example of the advertising network –

Monetize Android App: How to earn on it?Guide how to start to monetize Android app

Step 1 – find your niche

For those who already know something about android apps and have tried to share them via different media, this step will be less interesting. But for others it is a key to success. You should find something that is really attractive for people. For example, it is possible to find popular and trending apps via or Also you can use And finally download the apps that you plan to share.

Step 2 – Find the ways to share your apps

There are many methods to get traffic to your apps: create a site, accounts in social networks, or share them in public Facebook groups. File hosting is another important issue. Direct download link is always more preferable.

Step 3 – Integrate ads into your apps

For this step we will use The best thing you don’t need to get an approval. Sign up and get immediate access. Then take these apps and upload them to the Wrap/SDK converter. It will integrate ads to your files. Be patient and when the files will be ready download them.

Step 4 – Share your apps

Now it’s time to upload files to the file hosting and start to share the apps. At first, make sure that you give a clear and attractive description of the files you share and some nice screenshots. People should understand why they need to install your apps.

Step 5 – Improve your strategy

Have you received first installs? Therefore, now you can relax and track your results.

If number of installs and users is growing so you are on the right path. If not, it’s time to review your strategy. Try other games and apps from different categories. Experiment with traffic sources. Even most people think that it is easier to get a lot of installs with games, such traffic is good for the first time. However to earn more you need an app that will be installed on users device for a long time.

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