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Google Display Network is an ad network, which covers more than 90% of all Internet users. And it’s important to be able to use Google Display Network: to choose the locations for placements, to control traffic, to exclude sites that generate non-targeted visits, and so on.

We want to share 6 methods that will help you with your advertising campaigns.

Your Adwords account has to be linked to Google Analytics. A conversion tracking should be set up for the correct evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Google Display Network: 6 methods


1. Disable mobile application and game traffic

Firstly, turn off the traffic from mobile games and applications. It’s due to the fact that a large number of applications places ads. Users may often accidentally click on the advertising block, or the application doesn’t proceed without clicking on the ads.

User, which was shooting at birds in the app, isn’t ready to make a decision about buying your product.

2. Restrict the frequency of ads per user

Frequency of shows is the average number of ad impressions to the same user for a certain period of time. Each niche has its own optimal frequency. But overloading a user with a large number of impressions isn’t worth doing. It will make CTR worse and may negatively influence brand perception. Therefore, better to put a limit on three shows a day.

3. Use scripts of Google Adwords

First of all, the advantage of Google Adwords is that it allows the use of in-house Java scripts that help to increase the effectiveness. A large number of scripts for different tasks have been created. Speaking of this, probably, it’s better to copy the code and adjust it to your needs.

In internet you can easily find useful scripts for automation of work in Google Adwords. It’s possible to find scripts for any tasks: from automatic optimization of rates and notification settings to control an advertising campaign depending on the weather outside.

For activation the script you need to:
Go to the tab “Bulk operations” — “Scripts” in the navigation menu on the left.
Click on the red button “Script”.
Get into the editing field of the script.
Erase all the code that is in the edit window and paste the text of your script.
Enter the name of the script, click on the button “Authorize now”. It’s necessary because the script has the opportunity to make the necessary changes in our account.
Click on “Allow” in the appearing window.
Save the script and click on the button “Run script now” to check its efficiency.

Depending on which script has been activated, it will automatically make changes in the advertising campaigns. The option can be run one time or you can configure a schedule for regular activity of the script.

4. Targeting by audience interests

Firstly, you have to create audience of the users that commits transactions in Google Adwords. Secondly, you analyse established audience.

Follow the way: “Shared library” – “Audiences” – “All converters”

On the page you can see what buyers are interested in. So then you can create a new advertising campaign with targeting at three most popular interests.

If your want to know how to stop Google Adwords campaigns from falling, click here.

5. Targeting by interests of affinity audience

This targeting type allows you to select the audience for more narrow and specific hobbies.

Go to the tabs: “Display network” – “Interests and remarketing (Target)” – “Custom affinity audience” – “Create a custom audience”.

As targeting, you can specify keywords for search. We will get audience of the users that have entered this query in the search line. So if you enter here the URL of a website, you can get the audience that visited this site.

Further, it is better to test the audience of competitors’ sites (enter a URL of the competitor’s sites) and audience of thematic sites (you can specify the URL of the specific pages).

6. Cleaning of advertising platforms

Even if you use a script to exclude inefficient advertising platforms, you will need to manually browse the specific sites. Also you need to exclude those sites that don’t bring conversions.

The site that bring the most conversions need to be collected at a list (White List) and transferred to a separate campaign. Also, in case of creating an advertising campaign it is better to add low-quality sites to the exclusions list.


We talked about Google display network and what to do to setup a successful campaign:
Firstly, disable traffic from mobile apps and games.
Secondly, limit the frequency of advert show per user.
Thirdly, use Java scripts in order to optimize advertising campaigns, then targeting by interests of users, which brought the conversion.
And, finally, you need to use targeting by interests of affinity audience.
Carry out manual cleaning of advertising sites that don’t bring conversions.

In addition, if you worry about Google penalties, this article definitely will help you.

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