Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?

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As you know Affilight is an affiliate network for publishers, advertisers and agencies. From their side all looks really simple: they just need to sign up and start to work. But what exactly can Affilight suggest you?

It is time to lift the veil of secrecy. Follow me to know more about Affilight and our traffic monetization.

Our options
Affilight bidding system
Benefits for our partners
Final thoughts


Affilight is an mobile affiliate network allowing monetize mobile traffic by the market’s highest standarts.

As you know some affiliate networks need to approve your account. It can take a few days or more. With Affilight you don’t need to wait account approval. We trust our partners. All you need is to sign up, create an Ad placement and that’s all.
After your registration, we start testing your traffic. Our main goal is to provide the best ROI possibly . We have the best tools for our partners to maximize their profits from traffic monetization without extra efforts.

Our options

Affilight can offer three main options for traffic monetization: SDK, Smartlink and Offer list.

  • SDK (software developing kit) is for Android apps. What will you get? Simple integration without coding and best offers from major ad networks.
  • Smartlink is a smart system with 2000+ offers (including CPM, CPA and Rev-share solutions). You don’t need to find the most suitable offer – our target system will do it for you.
  • Customized specific offers. If you want to use only specific offers (.Apk,  Google play offers etc.) and develop your own strategies – you are welcome.

Also, it is important to mention about traffic back and post back. You can add traffic back and post back URLs after creating a new platform.

Imagine that you want to sell us only mobile traffic, but can’t separate mobile from desktop. In this case you need to add a traffic back URL and we send your desktop traffic there.

Notice, we can configure that we will accept traffic even only from certain country, OS or device.

If you want to use a tracker to check the performance of your campaigns, just add post back URL.

With Afflight it is possible even monetize Android apps. Our online converter will add ad code to your APK files. When people install your apps they see ads and you get profit!

Affilight bidding system

The amount your website earns per 1,000 impressions depends on a number of factors. Our team will optimize your ad units to increase conversion rates. For better optimizing we use bidding system.

Usually we test various campaigns and analyze which ads suits the best for your website. Once we find the best combination, your income will be significantly higher. We disable offers that are not converted on the webmaster’s traffic to keep rates higher.

However, if we have objective site data, we can do some of the settings in advance.
As you can see below, we have a new case from our webmaster. When he just came, his eCPM was 0,75.

Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?



We immediately began to test offers to find the most suitable combination. After only a week, we have already achieved good results:

Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?



By the fifth of June his eСPM grew from 0,75 to 2,44.
Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?




As you can see, since we found suitable offers, the webmaster earns much more.

Benefits for our partners

Affilight has a few interesting features that you definitely will like:

  • Simple interface
    The simple interface is one of the important features of Affilight. With our interface you can easily track every detail of your campaign. Also we have the live chat support option. Anytime you can get assistance from the real team.
  • Major Revenue Sharing
    A lot of networks share only 50-60%, but Affilight is ready to give  you 80% of revenue. It doesn’t matter what offer will you choose, you can get up to 80% revenue share.
  • Lifetime referrals
    If any member will join to Affilight from your referral link – you will get 5%. Our lifetime referrals will help you to get more income.

Final thoughts

As you can see Affilight is an easy to use network, the cooperation with which can bring a significant income. We are always ready to discuss specific settings or your suggestions. Flexibility is exactly what sets us apart from other partner networks.

We hope that now you have better understanding about Affilight work and our traffic monetization. If you still have any questions, you can ask us right here.

Sign up and start to work with us!

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