June Monthly digest (Top-4 Articles from Affilight)

June monthly digest

Ready to know how to manage your site if you are a webmaster and find a suitable topic generator? Also you can understand more about voice search optimization and even reveal a secret of our traffic monetization! Read the June monthly digest to get this information!

June Monthly Digest: Our Top-4 Articles


1) Insider Look at Affilight: what is unique in our traffic monetization?

Have you ever wondered how Affilight works? We are ready to tell you. Features, benefits for our partners, our ways of traffic monetization and, of course, cases from our webmasters. Also you have a unique chance to know more about Affilight bidding system!

2) Time Management for Webmasters: How to Manage a Few Sites at Once

Time management is a useful thing. Especially for webmasters. Managing a website can be a tough job for webmasters. Trends change every day, and so do ranking algorithms. Webmasters need to update the content and analyze the feedback as often as possible.

How to manage all websites at once and be effective? We have prepared 7 tips for time management. Read our article to know it.

3) Voice Search Optimization: What Is It And Why It Is Important?

No doubt, that Voice search optimization will soon become the start of any optimization exercise. Do you hesitate whether your website needs a voice search or not? Maybe, you want to have more information? In this case, this article about voice search optimization will help you to take a right decision!

4) Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

Topic generator can be a useful tool for any webmaster. But you should choose it carefully, they are not the same. We have prepared information about 10 topic generators. Did you try it all?

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