Future of digital advertising

Future of Digital Advertising

Just like everything around us, advertising has undergone a rapid change in the past few decades. The phenomenon of the Internet gave birth to digital advertising, and today it is rapidly gaining popularity every day. But things are dynamic, and the digital way of advertising is bound to undergo major changes. To be ready, you …

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wordpress plugin to insert ads

Affilight’s WordPress Plugin to Insert Ads

Our WordPress plugin was just out of the blue! Nevertheless, we are ready to present it. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce – Affilight’s WordPress plugin to insert Ads. 

Positioning Strategy for Your Brand

Customers seem to associate a particular brand with a certain character. Think of automobiles, internet browsers, shoes, clothes – anything. Every product category has different brands in the space. Every brand in that space has a different flavor. And that is what brand positioning does. A marketer can choose to position the brand as a …

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Advertising Headlines :14 Tips

How do you ensure that your website features at the top of search engine results pages? Having a great website with relevant content and well-placed keywords is a good way. That will improve the chances of a visitor coming to your website. And advertising headlines can really help with it. You go ahead and create …

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