Affilight’s WordPress Plugin to Insert Ads

wordpress plugin to insert ads

Our WordPress plugin was just out of the blue! Nevertheless, we are ready to present it. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce – Affilight’s WordPress plugin to insert Ads. 

Less efforts, more profit

It allows you implement ads immediately. Affilight’s plugin finds the most suitable places for advertisements. Perfect monetization of your WordPress website.
So say no to the endless customization of ads!

To start, you just need to click a few times:

  • Create an ad placement in your account;
  • Download the plugin;
  • Install it;
  • Activate.


  • Advanced automatic insertion of ads
    Affilight’s WordPress plugin allows you to automatically insert ads.
  • Positive user experience guaranteed
    With Affilight’s WordPress plugin ads will fit organically into any site and create a perfect user flow.
  • Enhanced fill rate and CR
    The plugin finds the most effective place and ad format for your website.
  • Convenience
    Forget about selection and optimization of ads. Our plugin will handle it.
  • Doesn’t require coding skills
    You don’t have to be an expert in HTML. The installation process is so simple that even a child can do it.
  • Efficiency
    We call it Plug&Earn process. You’ll instantly see the result.

How it works

Log in to your personal account. Find “Ad placement” in the menu. Create an ad placement and choose WordPress plugin in the section “Ad inventory”.

Affilight's WordPress Plugin to Insert Ads

Download the plugin and log in to your WordPress account. After installing Affilight’s plugin, a configuration panel will appear in the WordPress plugins menu:

Affilight's WordPress Plugin to Insert AdsThere you can choose the placement for your ads. What you will place in the ad zones – is up only to you!

Save your time and get maximum fill rate, thanks to the only one plugin!


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