How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for Advertisers

Advertisements during our favorite television shows used to feel so irritating. That has now changed to advertisements popping up right in front of your eyes when you start to read a webpage. As soon as that happens, you have to look for the ‘cross’ icon to shut down the static advertisement. Some popular websites use video advertisements, and they do not allow you that luxury. You either have to watch the popup video ad completely or at least for some time. We will tell you how to convert popunder traffic like a pro.

What Is PopUnder Advertising?

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for Advertisers




A popunder ad is very different from a popup ad. It would be almost hidden behind the main window the visitor is on, or will open up as a new browser window. In popup ads, the visitor goes ahead and closes it. But the popunder ad will continue to remain in the periphery of the visitor’s vision. It will not disturb the main website he is browsing. The visitor then has the option of going through the popunder window at his own convenience later. Popunder ads offer much better bang for the buck. This is because the payments are usually on the basis of actual hits to the landing page.

What is PopUnder Traffic?

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersPopunder traffic is the total number of visitors directed to your landing page or website by your popunder ad.

When you opt for a popunder ad under a paid advertising campaign, the math is simple. You get a fixed number of such ads depending on the package you have chosen. Or you get a fixed time for which it would be available.

Tips To Get Better Conversions

The below-mentioned tips will help you to get better conversions of your popunder traffic:

1. Go By Geo

popunder traffic, how to convert, advertisersEvery geography has certain best times which have seen the best conversions. You should schedule your popunder ads as per those timings.

For example, the best timing for the US is from 8 pm to midnight. But in India, the best slot is from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm and tapers away after that. Brazil and most Latin American countries show similar trends. But in Britain, the best time is from 3 pm to 5 pm, since they retire to bed rather early.

Use this Time Zone interactive map to get the ideal timing for chosen audience.

2. Keep It Light

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersIt would be best if you could keep the popunder ads as fluffy as possible. Try injecting a bit of humor into them and you could even make them a bit quirky.

That way, user irritation at ‘yet another ad’ would reduce. That way, the chances of him going on to the pre-lander or the landing page are greater.

3. Inject Variety

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersIt is better to create multiple versions of the ad. Then you can keep rotating them during the popunder ad campaign. That reduces the chances of a visitor seeing the same ad from you multiple times.


You can even expect him to almost look forward to the next one to see what storyline it contains.

4. Keep Copy Crisp

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersThe popunder ad that your visitor sees will be holding his attention for less than 10 seconds. If he has to plough through paragraphs in that time, you can expect him to close your popunder ad in less than 5 seconds. That’s why you need to keep a clear copy (of 3-4 lines at most).

A small listicle of 3-4 bullet points (often in question form) is often used. This leads on to the CTA (call to action) at the bottom of the ad.

5. Avoid CTA Fatigue

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersTalking of CTA, this has become so common that it has led to CTA fatigue. Visitors shut down the pup under window at that point even if the earlier copy sounded promising.

One of my most memorable CTAs went thus. It had two questions placed side by side – ‘Do you want to make more money?’ and ‘Are you happy with what you are earning?’ The second question had a box below it for sure, but it was grey in color and was not clickable! So the only option a visitor had was to click on the first button and he would be led to the landing page.

6. Time It Right

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersWe talked a little while ago about the different timings by geography. But even on a webpage, the time when your popunder ad shows up would make a difference.

If your ad appears as soon as the visitor lands on your page, it might be a tad irritating. This would happen even though it was not blocking out the screen. There are several exit-intent technologies now available. They allow you to schedule the ad just before the visitor is about to leave the website. You can choose from several other options like page-based, time-based, scroll-based etc.

7. Use Images Wisely

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for Advertisers

The internet is a very visual medium. So there is often a tendency to include pictures as much as possible. But a popunder ad is a small box which holds the attention of the visitor for a small amount of time. So it’s not a good idea to distract him.

Include images, if you must, only such that they can add to your messaging.

8. Rear-View

How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro: Tips for AdvertisersA popunder ad is a great idea, but it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone. You need to keep a very close watch on the ‘rearview mirror’.

That way you can see what conversions the past hours and days are giving you. If you begin the campaign and sit back awaiting traffic, you will use up your budget in no time. Keep a close watch on actual conversions, and course – correct as required.


Every day brings new innovations in the world of digital marketing. For example, you can make an advertising video. The popunder ad is yet another one which has caught advertisers’ fancy for the last couple of years. But website traffic can be a cruel mistress, and desert you one fine day if you do not treat her well. So, avoid thinking of popunder ads as the panacea for all your ills. Instead, try to follow the above tips and convert your popunder traffic!

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