Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

Long-tail keywords are extended keywords. They are longer and more specific. With the increase in the use of voice search option by the people, the importance of these long-tail keywords is increasing. People using voice search or people who are about to purchase a product tends to use long-tail keyword for searching the right thing.

In order to manage these long-tail keywords, it is very necessary to master the communication style followed by your business with the customers. This would help you attain some good communication lines your customers might use.

It might appear at first that using long-tail keywords won’t attract a lot of traffic. But it is for certain the traffic you get would be the genuine one. Your customer would be more precise and more determined about the product he/she wants to buy.

Now, there are a number of ways through which you can make excellent long-tail keywords. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Suggestions from Google

long-tail keyword

When you type your keywords in the Google search bar, the menu drops down with various phrase suggestions. Those are mostly the ones people commonly search for. So you can read a number of such suggestions and mark out the best available one for you. They might at times suggest some unethical phrases which surprisingly people are interested in. But you can opt for the good and decent ones.

2) Keyword Research Tools

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

A number of keyword research tools are available online which would guide you and help you find the best suitable long-tail keyword for your website. Adwords Keyword Planner tool, Google Trends, YouTube’s Keyword Tool, WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool etc. are some popular websites to serve your purpose. These tools are free as well as there are some paid ones too. The paid ones provide extra features which the former ones don’t. They’ll help you save a lot of time and hard work and also will generate good profits for your website. A little investment will give out many fruitful rewards with fewer efforts.

3) Related Searches by Google

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

Similar to the suggestions by Google, you will find a number of related searches made by people in the form of phrases using your keywords at the bottom of your Google search result page. These searched phrases can be of great help for you in order to understand the type of phrases commonly used by people. Using them wisely will make your long-tail keyword pretty efficient.

4) Wikipedia

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

Information on Wikipedia is considered to be the most trustable as well as most optimized ones. By using the optimization that of a Wikipedia search result page, you can make your website a lot better. The content table on the page has headings which are more or less the long-tail keywords. Wikipedia also gives you the page search option by pressing Ctrl+ F. Then you can enter your keywords and search through the various result lines to find a perfect long-tail keyword. Further, the section at the bottom of the page as “See Also” will give you a broad view of what kind of keywords people might use.

5) Competitor Spying

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

At times, you need to play smart to be better than others. Therefore, take help from your competitors smartly. Type your keywords in the search bar of Google and see the top 5 pages that appear. Mark out the keywords they are using and how they are framing them to be on top of the search. Observe carefully the variations they are applying and note all that might turn out to be useful for your website.

6) Browsing Question & Answer Sites

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

These websites are a great source to find some excellent long-tail keywords for your website. This is because questions themselves make good and frequently used phrases which can become good long-tail keywords. You can browse through some good and reputed Q & A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers etc. and explore the type of questions and phrases used by people. They are more appropriate as a person asking a question is definitely looking for an answer. With a little bit of research and analyzing, you’ll be able to figure out the question with good volume of searches and competition. This is necessary because not all questions that you will find on these websites will be worth consideration for long-tail keywords.

7) Analytics Mining

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

Using your Google Analytics wisely, you can gain a lot of visitors on your website. It will let you know of a lot of popular and frequently searched phrases using your keywords. Not only this, it will also help you find those particular long-tail keywords through which you can get heavy traffic on your website. It is difficult to drive traffic using long-tail keywords but using an Analytic might sort that out for you. The relevance of these keywords will definitely be with your business but might not be with a particular page of your website. In order to search for your own store of long-tail keywords, you’ll have to find the keyword referrals on your Google Analytics.

8) Evaluating User Intent

Long-tail Keyword: your Own Key to Success

Use your creative thoughts and pen down the most relatable and attractive long-tail keywords that come to your mind. You know your business the best and you understand all its minor as well as major features. Think by intent of a user and figure out what you would type if you were searching for a product available on this website. While making these keywords, you also get to cross confirm that all the information required to answer the questions of the reader is available on your website or not. So making keywords with the intent of a user can be very beneficial for your business.

Long-tail keyword: conclusion

Keywords play a crucial role in competent search engine optimization. They determine your ranking in the search engine results and also are the main source of bringing in traffic to your website. Thus, using a good and proficient long-tail keyword is extremely necessary for your business to bring genuine traffic to your business. Following the above-mentioned ways, you can create reliable and effective long-tail keyword for your website easily.

If you want to read more about SEO techniques, don’t forget to read this article.

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