Affilight’s referral program

referral program

What is Affilight’s referral program?

Affilight’s referral program is simple: you become our partner, attract other publishers, and earn an income. Now, let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  1. You attract other publishers to become Affilight’s partners.
  2. Referrals (other publishers) work and earn income.
  3. Affilight pays a bonus to you – 5% of referrals income.

Well done! Our step-by-step guide below will help you maximize and simplify the process.

Referral Link: How to Start?

It’s easy to get a referral link. Just follow these steps:

Log into your account or if you don’t have any create one.

Go to the Loyalty section using the user’s menu.

Affilight’s referral program
Publisher account: Loyalty section

Click the Copy link button.

Affilight’s referral program
Publisher account: A referral link

Give the link to a potential referral or place it on your resource.

The potential referral follow your referral link and register.

The referral will be displayed on the list of referrals (Loyalty section).

Affilight’s referral program
Publisher account: List of referrals

Statistics: How Much I Earn per Day?

You can check your income per day anytime in the Referral statistics subsection. Also, here you can view the referral balance and get the history of all referral payments.

Affilight’s referral program
Publisher account: Referral stats

Good job! Now you can easily check your balance anytime.

Referral Payouts: Ways to Attract Other Publishers

There are a few effective methods to attract users through your referral link.

Invite your friends and colleagues

Spread the word about Affilight. We bet that you have at least a few people with their own websites in your environment. Help them to monetize traffic and get passive income.

Social Networks

Sometimes one tweet or post can make a difference. Share your experience about Affilight with others and engage them to act.

Forums and Communities

These places can be a valuable source of referrals. Ask your opinion, chat with others and share your referral link with those of users, who are interested in it. Also, you can put the link in your profile information or signature.

Text Links

Do you write about affiliate marketing or website monetization? You can review Affilight or mention it in one of your posts. Don’t forget to include the referral link.

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referral program

Affilight’s referral program

Table of Contents What is Affilight’s referral program?Referral Link: How to Start?Statistics: How Much I Earn per Day?Referral Payouts: Ways to Attract Other PublishersInvite your