Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

topic generator

Topic generator is a useful tool for inspiration.


Blogs are a great way to make a website engaging and interesting. You can use a blog to make a website more useful. This adds value to the static content of a website. Visitors to the website can take part in the discussions.

The webmaster can get ideas from those conversations. The writers of blogs usually have a good grasp over their language. They also have functional knowledge about several topics. But they still get stuck sometimes. The reason is that they don’t know what to write about. The correct topic to write about eludes them. For such situations, a blog topic generator is a very useful tool.

What is a Blog Topic Generator?

Writers sometimes suffer from writer’s block. Similarly, bloggers also find it difficult to find subjects once in a while. There are several tools on the internet to help in such situations. Bloggers and content writers can use these tools for inspiration. Once the subject is thrown to them, they can begin writing. This article provides the details of some good topic generators.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

The starting point is just a one-word subject or a phrase. It immediately throws up blog post ideas. It also adds some humorous quips alongside. Some of the blog ideas might be less useful. You can easily discard them.

Also, you can refresh the search button as many times as required. As soon as that is done, a fresh set of ideas gets generated.

2. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

The search function in this tool is a little different. It gives you the option of submitting three different nouns. As soon as you submit the three nouns, the tool throws up blog post ideas.

3. Link Bait Generator

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

All blogs are not posted for the sole purpose of disseminating information. Some articles have the express target of attracting more visitors.

For such articles, the headline needs to be really catchy. Some writers use controversial and intriguing titles as well. These titles act as baits for visitors. The visitor would get pulled to click on the blog as soon as he reads the title. This tool gives you 25 eye-catching blog title suggestions for every subject you enter.

4. BuzzSumo

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

This tool provides search results in a different way. It does not provide you title suggestions. When you submit a keyword, it throws up a list of actual articles posted. Those blogs can serve two purposes.

First, it gives you an idea of the topics that are trending. Second, it gives you an idea of how to frame titles well. You can filter the results of your search. You can look at results by date or type of content, or by the country they are posted from.

5. Blog Title Idea Generator

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

This tool gives you very useful results. These suggestions also have placeholders in them. You can customize them for your specific requirements. For example, a suggestion could be “The ___ best ways to ___”.

You can write about ‘The ten best ways to avoid hair fall’. Or you could choose to write about ‘Eight best ways to reduce your insurance costs’. You do not need to search by keyword. Every time you hit ‘search’, you get suggestions.

6. Blog Post Idea Generator from Build Your Own Blog

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

This topic generator does not ask you to submit any keywords. There is a button called ‘Generate Blog Post Idea’. As soon as you click on it, you get several suggestions. The randomness of the suggestions could be good or bad. If you have a broad idea or niche in mind, then most of the suggestions might be worthless for you. But if your mind is feeling blank, then this would be useful for you. Most bloggers use this tool to get the correct structure for their title. They use it less for finding actual topics.

7. Content Strategy Helper

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

If you run a newsy kind of website, then this tool is really useful for you. It gives you a list of trending topics. That would be a great starting point for your own blog. You don’t actually need to enter any keyword. This tool allows you to integrate your search to a Google spreadsheet. That is because this is a Google Doc based tool. The trending content from all the hot websites are collated in one place for you. This tool also gives you a database of prospective targets for your outreach campaigns.

8. Impact

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

The layout of this tool is very minimalistic and simple. This tool provides useful suggestions for titles. Apart from titles, you can also look for ideas for blogs.

9. Tweak Your Biz

Topic Generator as Your Muse of Inspiration

This tool first asks you to choose your broad subject. You have options like ‘How To’, ‘Business’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Sales Leads’ and so many others. As soon as you select your subject, you are shown a number of broad topics. You can take help from the tool to fine-tune those topics. That way, you can reach the exact headline you are looking for.

10. Content Idea Generator

Topic Generator as Your Muse of InspirationThe outputs from this tool are really helpful. But you might not like to fill in so many forms. There are as many as 18 questions you need to answer first. Once you have answered those, you will get your results. It might seem irritating, but the questions make the search more relevant.

Ending Note

There are so many websites for topic generator. The content on the website also needs to compete with other content. In this competitive landscape, your blog needs the best start it can get. That is why the title of the blog is so important. These tools can help get the best titles and also blog ideas.

If you  chose a topic of an article, then it’s time to find the right copywriter. Read our article “Fantastic copywriters and where to find them” and you will find out on which websites you can find a highly qualified copywriter.

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