Google Chrome Ad Blocker: How to Achieve Success?

Google Chrome has gained a large share among the web browsers. It is the most common web browser all around the world. It has taken more than half of market share according to the recent research. It’s no surprise that now Google Chrome has his own ad blocker.

There have been many ads recently which disturb a web browser while he is doing his work. This has caused a huge increase in the percentage of ad blockers especially from 2015 to 2017. It is because of the interruptions and the frustration due to these interruptions.

As a result, Chrome has come up with its own ad blocker. After many studies done about the experience of web users, Chrome had decided to do so. This will help in creating a better user experience and also help in promoting a healthy ecosystem for the web.

Google decided to do this with the perspective of providing the users with a better platform. It also protects them from any type of interruptions caused due to the annoying ads. The number of ads was increasing on a large scale. There were some websites that used to be full of ads. But Chrome has made sure that you won’t have to go through those frustrating ads anymore.

Types of Ads to be Blocked

Ad blockerIt has been found out that not all kinds of ads are opposed or blocked by the users. But there are a few types of ads which have caused a problem. The following types of ads have caused a negative impact on web experiences:

  • Desktop: Prestitial ads having the countdown, those auto-play video ads with sound, pop-up ads, large sticky ads are some of the desktop ads with negative impact.
  • Mobile: Ads that appear in mobile have also impacted negatively. These include ads with the density greater than 30%, auto play video ads with sound, postitial ads with the countdown, flashing animated ads, large sticky ads, full-screen rollover ads, pop-up ads, prestitial ads are some of them.

How to Achieve Success Even After the Google Chrome Ad Blocker?

It seems that this step taken by Chrome is going to be very beneficial to the web users. But at the same time, it is going to cause a great amount of loss to the online advertisements and all the money invested in it.

But the truth is, it is going to be very beneficial to them as well. Google has joined the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) in June 2017. Also Google has announced that it would help the CBA to achieve Better Ads Standards drawn-up by them.

Therefore, even after the introducing Ad Blocker, online advertisements can overcome this and achieve success. The following are some of the ways by which it is possible:

1. Consider the Consumer Preferences and Check the Ad Standards

One way to overcome it is by checking the standards of your ad and making it according to the standards set by CBA in case it doesn’t meet them. Another important factor is to consider the preferences of consumers and make sure your ad is not of the failing grade format.

2. Observe the Existing Ads

One more important thing is to observe the ads which are already on the web and understand what makes them annoying to the users. This is because the fact behind publishing the ad is to attract the consumers and make them like our product. Annoying the consumers is something which no ad publisher would want. So make sure that your ad is not in the form which causes distractions or frustrations among users.

3. Accept the Ad Blocker

The best way to overcome something is to accept what has caused an obstacle and try to find the advantages of it. As this step of ad blocking taken by Google will help to reduce all the frauds which on a large scale which were caused by the clicking of ads. One another important benefit of it is that, once all these misleading sites are blocked; there will be increased trust and brand loyalty.

4. Make Use of the Rules Made by Google

As Google is looking forward to eliminating those annoying ads which were a cause of interruption among the users, we can make our ads better than those which are not up to the standards. Google has provided with a tool which is the Ad Experience Report which help is eliminating all those pop-up ads, auto audio playing ads etc. Thus we can display our ads in a better way and try to grab the attention of the consumers.

5. Give Ideas to Your Team

The creative team involved in the designing of ads should be told that they need to find the best way to send your message to the consumers. If your ads are not misleading or disturbing clients like those pop-ups, then Google will not block your ads. So your creative team needs to design your message in such a way that it attracts consumers and not irritates them.

6. Keep the Reactions of the Customers in Mind

You need to communicate your message to the consumers in such a way that they accept your message and do not resent it. The main reason of ad blockers is also the unacceptable ads. You need to keep in mind what the consumer wants.

More information about Google Chrome Ad blocker you can get here.

Wrapping Up

Recently the world’s most popular web browser, Chrome has introduced the New Ad Blocker and it is going to have a lot of benefits in the future. It is going to provide a better browsing experience to its users and will help them concentrate on their work without being interrupted by those frustrating ads.

Not only the users, even the online advertising is going to have benefits. They will not face much loss. In fact, online advertising is going to be of a better quality. There will be ads for better standards and no more bad quality ads would be there anymore. A smart business can thus take advantage of this step taken by Google as it is beneficial for businesses which had ads with good standards.

If you want read about Google display network this article will be interesting for you.

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